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Lindus Advisors, Inc. was formed in 1999 to manage the financial affairs of a small group of wealthy families.  In serving the needs of our core group of high net worth families, we have established an investment program that is available by invitation to affluent individuals, families, and organizations on a separately-managed account basis. If you would like to explore how these services could benefit your portfolio, please contact Lindus Advisors, Inc. or ask your investment advisor to contact Lindus Advisors to explore adding the Lindus strategy to your portfolio and for an introduction to our investment team.

Why focus on preservation? As you build wealth and plan for your financial future, the only way to reach your goals is to protect your assets and estate from potentially harmful events. Our focus on wealth preservation adds an extra layer of protection  to help manage risk. This sets us apart. Learn More »

This risk management focus complements our experience in developing sophisticated investment strategies that meet the unique needs of high net worth families.

Client portfolios are constructed using a variety of investment strategies and vehicles that pass our stringent qualification process.

Helping clients define, reach and protect their goals – leveraging our knowledge as well as that of others – that’s the Lindus advantage.


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To act as a pillar of strength and consistency for our clients and their families, positively impacting their financial and personal lives while protecting their wealth. Our success is measured by our clients’ success.

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