Guiding Principles

Our underlying goal is to be viewed by clients as their trusted and knowledgeable partner on all issues related to their financial health. We accomplish this by forging deep relationships with our clients and by abiding by our guiding principles of:

  • Stewardship – a responsibility to preserve and faithfully administer the financial dreams of our clients;
  • Integrity – in all things, honestly engage our clients without duplicity or internal conflicts of interest; and
  • Service – always perform to the highest level of professional responsibility.

These guiding principles are delivered through our commitment to:

  • Earning our clients’ trust by continuously demonstrating our competence, commitment, character and integrity;
  • Developing deep relationships based on a genuine interest in our client’s well-being; and
  • Demonstrating excellence through a client-centric service model.

To quote Aristotle: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”

Lindus (in Greek, Λίνδος) is a town and an archaeological site on the east coast of the Greek island of Rhodes.  We chose this as our name because as the home of one of the seven sages of the ancient world, it connotes many of the values that underpin our business – Wisdom, Knowledge, Stability and Longevity.