What We Do

Lindus Advisors provides clients with independent and tailored solutions covering a wide range of investment and planning services. Our integrated wealth management platform combines our expert knowledge with personal insight, and our fee-only approach allows us to assist clients in a non-biased, comprehensive and fully transparent manner.

We utilize a goals-based philosophy that addresses each client’s specific goals and needs. On both the planning and investment sides, the plans that are developed integrate personal and financial objectives while allowing clients to manage and balance the scarce resources of time and money.

Experience has taught us that clients benefit greatly if we fully understand and help them set realistic expectations upfront. Likewise, it’s important for our clients to understand our core investment philosophy, values and on-going role in their lives.

Clients typically engage us for a combination of services falling under:

While working with your existing service providers or via our extensive network of industry contacts, including accountants, attorneys, real estate and insurance specialists, we’re able to orchestrate an entire team of strategic partners in areas that leverage our own expertise to ensure that no aspect of a client’s life are left unattended.