Risk Management

Controlling risk has been at the core of how we’ve managed client assets since our founding. Preserving wealth, however, does not require you to stand still. Your investment portfolio should be designed to achieve stable and less volatile returns regardless of the direction of the market.

Now more than ever, in light of the violent market swings of the past few years, it’s imperative that investment management services include continuous monitoring and risk-control mechanisms designed to:

  • Protect wealth; and
  • Help you stay on course.

As stated by Lindus President Tim Painter: “We believe that it’s possible to construct an investment portfolio that is protected by a floor below which the account value will not fall in the event of a catastrophic decline in the market. It’s like having a financial safety-net beneath your portfolio.”

We would be happy to sit down with you and illustrate how these strategies have historically helped clients and explore how they might benefit you moving forward.

Past performance does not guarantee future results.

All investment decisions involve the risk of loss no matter how small the probability.